The holidays are coming! | Week 27


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1. Oh Spring you make us smile!    |   Thank you @fanis.z_

Location: Limassol
With Spring here, click our events list and plan your second favourite season (Summer is first).
2. Nature is the best remedy!   |   Thank you @_man_behind_the_camera_

Location: Kalopanagiotis
When you're visiting Kalopanagiotis, make sure you stay at the legendary Casale Panayiotis hotel!

3. We can't wait for those late afternoon Summer swims overlooking the Sunset!    |   Thank you @stavri_1999

Location: Larnaca
if you're visiting Larnaca this Summer, check out these hotels!

4. Head down to Ledras Street for shopping this week!   |   Thank you @theislanderstories
Location: Nicosia
We love our Capital city, there's so much to discover here. Here's 5 reasons why we love Nicosia!

5. Nothing is more iconic then Saint Lazarus church in Larnaca!    |   Thank you @hapo.15

Location: Saint Lazarus, Larnaca
Read our article on one of the island's most significant churches!

6. Larnaca is stooped in history.   |   Thank you @fanis.z_

Location: Kamares Aquaduct, Larnaca

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