Weather Overview

Cyprus is famous worldwide for its mild climate and ranks among the climatically healthiest regions of the world with more than 320 days of sunshine.

Cyprus is an island for all seasons. Extremes of temperatures are rare, meaning Cyprus has something to offer every month of the year, whether its swimming, sunbathing and other beach activities (as late as November) or enjoying cultural sites and festivals all year long. The conditions are ideal for all types of activity including golf, swimming, water sports, cycling and biking, walking and horse riding. The swimming period usually starts from end April until as far as beginning of November. The water temperature reaches approximately 28°C during the summer months and 16°C in the winter.

In contrast, the Troodos Mountains offer during the summer months a welcome relief for those who are intolerant of the heat. At a height of 6402ft above sea level, Mount Olympus (the highest peak on Cyprus) is an average 10°C - 15°C cooler than the locations on the coast. During the winter months their snow dressed peaks are transformed into a fabulous ski resort.

Spring is one of the most beautiful periods in Cyprus. It is the season of freshness and beauty. The fields are green with flowers blossoming everywhere. The weather is warm and sunny but occasionally can be cold with occasional rainfall. March opens the spring in . Have in mind that a jumper or a light coat is needed for the evenings. In April the weather becomes warmer with max temperature up to 22°C. When sunny the weather can be hot but be prepared for some rainy days too. By the end of April get ready to start sunbathing and the sea even though a bit cool it is fine for swimming.

Summers are hot and dry from mid May to mid October. In May the temperature begins to climb up towards summer level with average temp 24°C - 30 °C. In June the temperature continues to rise but does not reach the highest until July and August. The hottest months are July and August. The coastal areas are more bearable due to sea breezes but can be very humid occasionally. During the hot summer months please remember to stay cool and use common sense. Rest often in shady areas, drink plenty of fluids and never forget your sunscreen. Some clouds which appear from time to time are mainly due to vapourasion of sea water. On the mountains the air is much more fresh and cool.

Autumn may indicate the end of summer but the weather in Cyprus is still warm well into November. The beaches are ideal for sunbathing and activities. The sea is calm and the beaches less crowded. Usually it is dry and sunny with occasional rain.

Winters are mild lasting from end November to March with some rainfall and rare storms. The weather is cool to cold, particularly at night but warm on sunny days. The sea is quite cold for swimming. The coldest months are January and February with night time temperatures falling down to 5°C. Snow falls on the Troodos Mountains from end of December to March especially on the highest peak Mount Olympus where snow skiing can be enjoyed.

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Cyprus Weather Chart

January 15 5 5.8 11
February 15 5 6.5 10
March 19 7 7.4 7
April 22 10 9.2 4
May 29 14 10.8 3
June 33 18 12.6 1
July 37 21 12.4 0
August 37 21 11.8 0
September 32 18 10.6 1
October 28 14 8.8 3
November 22 11 7.1 5
December 19 7 5.6 9