We got through winter, it's the last week! | Week 23


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1. With palm trees left, right and centre, many images from Cyprus resemble places like Los Angeles and Miami!    |   Thank you @ioannasntt

Location: Molos, Limassol
Friday is finally here, so we have a plethora of events for you to attend on our lovely website. Click the link and choose where you're going!
2. We thoroughly enjoyed everyone's images taken on Green Monday that passed. Green Monday is a  special day in Cyprus, when family and friends join together to celebrate the 1st day of fasting. Fasting ends after 50 days!   |   Thank you @china98ph

Location: Nicosia
The island is blessed with amazing culinary destinations, find them all here!

3. Did you know that it was the Venetians who inspired the creation of Lefkara lace on the island. During the occupation by the Venetians, (1489-1571) the ruling class would visit Lefkara and the locals would copy the fine embroidery of the Venetian’s clothes with their own adaptation. It wasn't long until the people of Lefkara became one of the world's most famous lace-makers, with Leonardo Da Vinci also a big fan!   |   Thank you @shoshanagould

Location: Lefkara
If you're taking a day trip to Lefkara, then you have to read this!

4. Could this be the best sunset location in Cyprus?   |   Thank you @strikeaposewithniki

Location: Larnaca Salt Lake
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5. Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you @samouela.04

Location: Phinikoudes Beach
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6. Be the star that you are, everyday!    |   Thank you @scatteredmemos

Location: Protaras

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