Top 10 + 3 Things to do in Cyprus


1) Alternative Tourism - Agrotourism

Experience the quiet rhythms of country life – the customs, the home-style cooking and the hearty hospitality of the village people. Stay in beautiful renovated traditional accommodation, stroll through fragrant gardens, orange and lemon groves and you’ll encounter Cyprus at its authentic best!

Picturesque old villages such as Fikardou, Omodos, Lefkara, Askas, Kalopanayiotis and Kakopetria are models of unspoilt Cypriot naturalness and simplicity.

2) Take a dip in the warm blue waters of Mediterranean Sea

The crystal clear Mediterranean waters offer sunbathers and swimmers a virtual paradise. The calm, transparent waters are ideal for sea and water sports lovers for an unforgettable holiday! Beaches in Cyprus have been voted to be the most beautiful and cleanest in Europe!

3) Rural experience - Sports and Nature

Cyprus’s rural terrain is ideal for adventure sports such as cycling and climbing. Cycling season runs from November to March, when mild winter conditions attract some of the world’s top road and mountain bike teams for training camps and competitions. Spring is the perfect time to explore the countryside swathed in kaleidoscopic colour. Head to Stavros tis Psokas Forest Reserve to see the Cyprus Moufflon, a rare type of wild sheep that can only be found in Cyprus. 

4) Coffee in Fikardou

Do not miss to visit the ‘museum village’ of Fikardou. The entire village is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The village preserves its old, traditional, historic style and offers tranquillity to anyone who visits. During your tour, stop in the mountainous region and have a coffee in the village square. Walk around the picturesque streets and visit the different ‘museums’ belonging to the residents of the village.

5) Golf in Cyprus

Cyprus is ideal place not only for rest, but also for golf game. There are magnificent hotels next to golf-courses where fans of this kind of sport can stay in luxury, enjoy the Mediterranean sea and play their favourite game.

6) Rent a Yacht

Discover Cyprus from the sea! Rent a yacht and sail the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea for a unique experience. Fast yachts of ‘LUX’ class, high technological and completely equipped, will satisfy even the most demanding visitor. You can choose a mini-cruise, full day sunset cruise, half-day trips, moon cruises with champagne, tuna and octopus fishing cruise.

7) Hamam Omerye

At one time, the Omeriye Hamam was the only public steam baths in Nicosia and was where fathers and sons, mothers and daughters used to go for their weekly bath and this was certainly a social event!

The Hamam with its impressive dome and beautiful stone architecture was built next to the city’s main mosque in 1570 by the Ottamans who ruled Cyprus. The new hamam was dedicated to Caliph Omar and the whole area quickly became known as ‘Omerye’. Over the years the hamam fell into disrepair and it was closed in 2002. Over the following three years, the hamam was painstakingly restored to capture its original character and when it re-opened it quickly became popular as the perfect way to ‘step back in time’ and to relax after a busy week at work! In 2006, the restored Omerye Hamam was awarded the prestigious Europa Nostra award.

8) Wining

Taste one of the oldest wines of the world – the Commandaria. Cyprus has had one of the oldest wine industries of the world.
The villages of Limassol and Pafos are famous for their wineries. On the mountains of Pafos district you can find some of the island’s most famous wineries. Also many monasteries offer home made specialities. The winery of Chysorogiatissa Monastery produces one of the finest Cypriot wines, and Kykkos Monastery produces its famous red Zivania a local destilled spirit.
There are also wine touring routes to explore!

9) Dining

"Kopiaste" – sit down with us, eat with us, welcome! The hospitality of Cypriots is overwhelming.

Even in the tiniest mountain village you will discover taverna serving delicious island specialities. The traditional "meze" meal makes sampling very simple: it consists of hot and cold dishes. Small portions of up to 30 different dishes.

10) Festivals and Festivities- events for all seasons

The people of Cyprus love to celebrate, so cultural and religious festivals are held though out the year.
Carnival begins 50 days before the orthodox Easter. Festivities take place in various towns and reach climax on Carnival Sunday when a big parade takes place in Lemesos.
In May, colourful parades of flower-decorated floats wind through the streets of the cities. This is the "Anthestiria" flower festival which dates back to the celebrations in ancient Greece for the rebirth of man and nature.
On Pentecost come the ‘Kataklysmos’ festival. Its roots are the ancient rites of passing that celebrated the transition of man from springtime to the new season. In the coastal cities there are boat parades fireworks, dancing and folk music.
From Mid-June to September music concerts, dancing performances of ancient Greek tragedies and comedies take place in the ancient theatres of Kourion and Pafos.
September is dedicated to the Wine Festival in Lemesos, with folk music, folkrore and free wine flowing from vats.
The Kypria Festival, organised throughout September by the Ministry of education and culture, is a major arts event and includes all perfoming arts.

11) Wreck Diving

The ZENOBIA, Cyprus’s best known site, is rated as one of the top ten wreck dives in the world.
The 172m-long ferry sank with its entire cargo during its maiden voyage in June 1980 and rests on the seabed at depths of between 18-42m. Expert’s divers may penetrate the vessel to explore features such as the ship’s restaurant and cargo deck. Natural attractions include shoals of barracuda, giant wrasse, tuna and amberjack.

12) Spa and Wellness

Take care of yourself and try "SPA" programs which are offered by many leading hotels and Spa Centres in Cyprus. All programs are supervised by professionals. You can feel stimulating effects of sauna and steam room, aromatherapy and individual Spa treatments…Rehabilitation programs, body toning, unique beauty treatments and relaxation. SPA – therapy is one of pleasant forms of treatment, sure you will appreciate it.
13) Walk the Avakas Gorge
It is described as the masterpiece of nature, but it is a difficult path. Visiting this part of the Akamas in Paphos, is a walker’s dream and a great opportunity to discover the island’s rich flora. The gorge, 30 metres high, is claustrophobically narrow at one point and incredibly, the stream that created this miracle still runs along it.