Spreading a little sunshine


Columbia Beach Resort Becomes First Resort Worldwide to Join the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Network

It is with immense joy that Columbia Beach Resort shares news of its new caring initiative by joining the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.

Unassumingly nestled in the rolling hills of Pissouri along the southern coast of the island of Cyprus, the five-star Columbia Beach Resort has the distinction of not only being the first resort locally, but the first resort worldwide to gain the reputable status as a Sunflower Organisation.

Forever spurred by a desire to unfailingly deliver hospitality with heart, positioning the guests’ experience at the forefront of the resort's vision and mission, Columbia Beach Resort aspires to create meaningful partnerships that enrich and enliven interactions with the guests.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is the apotheosis of this aspiration, which aims to improve everyday experiences and interactions for people with invisible disabilities. A simple yet subtle and profound gesture of acknowledgment and assistance, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower was born in Gatwick Airport in 2016 when the dedicated Accessibility Team confronted the obstacle of being able to effectively support those living with invisible disabilities. Working with local and national charities, the team explored the idea of using a symbol to allow passengers to choose to indicate if they have an invisible disability and may need additional assistance. 

A symbol of confidence, strength, growth and positivity, the sunflower was imbued with this distinction, and Sunflower Organisations have begun blossoming around the globe to help ameliorate the daily challenges faced by those living with non-obvious disabilities.

Training the staff members accordingly and providing complimentary Sunflower products, Columbia Beach Resort is now a Sunflower Organisation, a feat which Marketing Manager, Anthea Vikis, celebrates for its impactful potential: “We are over the moon to be able to support Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. The latter’s golden rules of offering assistance, being kind, listening closely, having patience, refraining from judgment, and showing respect are integral to our everyday life here at Columbia as it is, so becoming a Sunflower Organisation was a natural fit. Besides the unique location, architecture and facilities, Columbia is celebrated by the guests more than anything else for its staff members, whose sincere passion succeeds in forging meaningful interactions and long-lasting relationships. Defying the changes that have disturbed the status quo over the last year, Columbia remains steadfast in its quest to make all guests feel safe, understood, and appreciated. Indeed, this will never change.”

Congratulations Columbia Beach Resort!