Q City Centre: The new Hub of Day & Night Hotspots

Editorial Food & Drink Hot List

Characterised by modern elegance the Q City Centre is the perfect setting for everyone in Larnaka

Q City Centre arcade at the very heart of Larnaka has breathed new life to the city. Located in the commercial district of Larnaka and only a few steps away from the famous Ermou square and ‘Finikoudes’ promenade, Q City Centre provides visitors with an ideal place to enjoy their time in the city. Since its unveiling in 2017, it wholly changed the image of Larnaka by providing countless services, thus becoming the latest hot spot and constituting the gem of the town. 

Capturing fine design, Q City Centre is an architectural haven with all the amenities of modern lifestyle, while maintaining a homely, hospitable feeling. Especially at the centre of the arcade where the shopping centre/food court lies one can get the sense of the warmth and coziness the space exudes. 

The arcade is a multi-functional space offering office space, luxurious residences, food, coffee and drinks all at once. According to popular opinion it is the ultimate new all-day spot in Larnaka. It is already a popular destination for shopping, coffee breaks, brunch, lunch, after-work drinks, dinner and even for nights out in the city amongst both locals and visitors. Here’s the My Guide Cyprus favourites to visit.

Starbucks Coffee

The most popular coffee brand in the world has opened its latest store in Cyprus at the Q City Centre. This brand-new Starbucks is distinguished by elegance and fine design and it is already a favourite among coffee-lovers. Here, you can find the chain’s all-time-favourite refreshments with an addition of seasonal beverages and a wide selection of freshly prepared snacks.


If you are looking for something different, exciting and new in Larnaka then Vinaria is the perfect choice for anytime of the day. Vinaria offers wide-ranging world wines alongside ‘twisted’ tapas. You can also go there early on in the day to enjoy your brunch or in the afternoon for coffee.

Home Brasserie Cafe

This new all-day venue offers the most relaxed setting in the city centre where one can enjoy anything from brunch to dinner and everything in between, prepared with love and care in order to provide anyone with a Home 'away' from home. 


Blend Cafe Bar

Open all day, everyday, making it the perfect place to meet up with friends or simply just to enjoy a great cup of coffee. This modern day café is not your ordinary coffee stop, in the evening the mood at Blend changes when the café transforms into a bar offering a range of alcoholic drinks accompanied by cheese and fruit platters.

Joy Downtown

Takes the form of an all-day bar-restaurant which opens its doors from morning until late at night. There you can enjoy your coffee early on in the day, an elegant meal for lunch or dinner, after-work drinks and a drink on a night out, all accompanied by the best beats in town.   

Do not miss the chance to visit, we guarantee that the Q City Centre will become your new favourite all-day spot in the city!

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