It's the first Top 5+1 images of 2018! | Week 16


Every week we showcase our TOP images found on Instagram. Join the fun by hashtagging #MyGCyprus on your Instagram image or tagging @MyGuideCyprus. Let's see if you make the weekly Top 5+1! #JoinTheFun

1. 2017 was truly an incredible year, we were blessed with many beautiful sunsets. This one was 2017's last sunset!  |  Thank you @theroyaligor

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2. Winter unleashes new beauty and is the percect time to explore Cyprus!   |  Thank you @marcoshaber

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3. We bet you are not used to seeing Nissi Beach so peaceful and quiet ... this is Nissi in Winter!    |   Thank you @mario_sheherlis

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4. We always like to portray and promote unique locations for you to just sit and think of life ... time to plan 2018 at Argaka bridge!   | Thank you @charachry

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5. Cyprus can be so picturesque ... just look at this stunning bridge!  |  Thank you @annastavrinides

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6. Nothing brings us more joy then to see Larnaca with a birds eye view just before landing or taking off!   |   Thank you @varvarakamilari

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