Larnaka International Airport

The new Larnaka International Airport is the jewel and pride of Cyprus and operates in accordance with the demands of today offering the highest quality service and expectations for the future.

The New airport is 15 minutes from Larnaka Town centre, 35 minutes from Nicosia, 45 minutes from Limassol and 1 hour and 15 minutes from Pafos. Rush hour is during 7:30-8:30 in the morning and 17:00-18:00 during the evening so if you are travelling around this time it is wise to add on average extra 10-20 minutes.  

Visitors arriving in Cyprus by air may enter the Republic only through the International Airport of Larnaka and the Pafos Airport.  Entry via other airport is illegal..

Airport Overview

The new structure is a modern group of buildings with clean and functional lines that visitors will appreciate the effort that has gone into the design and construction. Both airports of Larnaka and Pafos provide visitors with their first impressions of Cyprus. This impressive state of the arts structure enables the airport community to provide travellers with a sense of place and comfort, allowing them to pass their time in a pleasant and friendly environment, while at the same time conveying the warm hospitality of Cyprus

The airport can service 7.5 million passengers per year
100.000 m² building covered area
8 different points for self service check-in
You can check-in your luggage and obtain your boarding pass at 67 counters
100 parking spaces for buses and coaches
18 immigration points
200 parking spaces for rental cars
6.000 m² shopping area
16 passenger boarding bridges
300 taxi spaces
21 departure gates
The building can handle 3.217 passengers per hour
215,000 m² parking area
The combined area of the airport is equal to 210 football pitches

Fully functional and modern, the new Larnaka International Airport embodies elements of the island’s culture and civilisation, whilst representing the profile of an ultra modern country in the best way possible. Viewing the airport from above, one can see the metallic roof on the central core of the building, which looks much like a landing strip. The arrival and departure halls are centred in this area, and are adjoined by 16 passenger boarding bridges. The airport has 2 exits, so as to avoid congestion.  Departures take place on the second floor of the building, which is at the same level as the outer, central courtyard and car parks.

Besides functionality, the connection to Cypriot culture and the natural surroundings was taken into consideration. The well-lit airport provides travellers with their first images of Cyprus and the local culture, which will enable them to truly feel that they have landed on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus!  Passengers can also enjoy the unique images of the salt lake and the blue vastness of the sea through rectangular openings all across the length of the passenger boarding bridges, making sure the majestic images of Cyprus are the first and last thing a traveller sees.

Departures & Arrivals Information

For online departures and arrivals information and updates click

Hermes Airports flight information call centre:  77 77 88 33


The new Larnaka Airport is graced with a number of works by contemporary Cypriot artists who bring the rich culture of the island to the forefront using its historic past as their starting point. By using historical references from the Chalcolithic period, and taking inspiration from the rich history of the island, eight artists have created a number of dynamic, contemporary works which are on display in specially selected areas of the new airport.

Tastes that take-off

Well known Greek and international cafes, restaurants and bakeries, as well as Italian, Chinese and Japanese cuisine all promise a unique dining experience before take-off.

Flo Cafe
Diner on Air
Food Village; Sbarro, Upper Crust, Yum Cha, Kouzina, Juice Box, 24 hours, Grab & Go
Caffe Ritazza
Burger King
Costa Coffee 
Camden Food Co.

FLO CAFÉ –The well known Greek café chain offers a wide range of coffees, hot beverages and cold ‘floshakes’, as well as ice creams, desserts, snacks and salads.

FLAVOURS – Caters to grab & go diners and offers mainly hot and cold beverages and snacks.

KAFENIO – Kafenio belongs to Cyprus Airports (F&B) Ltd and is modelled on a traditional Cypriot coffee shop. Travellers can enjoy a Cypriot coffee and traditional food.

DINER ON AIR – Operates 24 hours a day and is based on American diner. It serves a wide range of food and drinks for any time of the day, paying special attention to its breakfasts.

FOOD VILLAGE –Consists of the following café- restaurants:

Sbarro - Italian restaurant serving delicious pizzas

Upper Crust - Freshly prepared sandwiches and baguettes with tasty fillings.

Yum Cha - Asian restaurant offering Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Kouzina - Restaurant serving Greek and international dishes.

Juice Box - Counter serving outlet with a wide range of fresh juices.

24 hours - Self service restaurant offering hot and cold beverages, desserts and ice creams.

Grab & Go – Self service restaurant serving snacks and sandwiches.

CAFFE RITAZZA – An international company serving travellers at airports and train stations worldwide. Present in over 30 countries, Caffe Ritazza serves coffees and pastries.

PANOPOLIS - Bakery which, specialises in internationally inspired pastries.

FINN’S SEAFOOD BAR – Offers a wide selection of seafood dishes.

ATRIUM – Offers a varied choice of coffees, beers, and hot and cold snacks.

BURGER KING –The well known Burger King restaurant provides its usual fast food meals.

COSTA COFFE – Well known coffee brand. Customers can choose from Mocha Italia coffee, hot and cold chocolate, teas, iced coffees, as well as snacks and desserts.

CAMDEN FOOD Co. - Serves salads, sandwiches, yogurts as well as hot and cold drinks. It also sells exclusive organic products.

SEGAFREDO –The international Italian coffee chain with stores around the world serving cold and hot coffee drinks, delicious fresh snacks and salads and desserts.


Drawing on influences from Cypriot culture, the shopping area of the new Larnaka International Airport is set to become a key part of the holiday experience. The experienced designers who oversaw the planning and décor of the area used the Cypriot zest for life as their source of inspiration. Their motto is the word ‘Kopiaste’, (meaning  ‘Welcome’,) a true reflection of what real Cypriot hospitality is all about, and this gives the shopping area an authentic feel of the island’s fashion and style. The shopping area of the airport is adjoined with the rest of the building, and follows the same modern design, maintaining the traveller’s convenience as a priority, and allowing for full functionality. Travellers have access to all sections of the shops, including luxury goods, watches, jewellery, cosmetics and perfumes, clothing and accessories, sports, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, electronic goods, confectionary, toys, traditional Cyprus food products, souvenirs and handicrafts, magazines and books. Do not miss to visit the ‘Kypriaka’ (Cypriot) airport store for a taste of Cyprus flavours.

Airport Shuttle
Taxi Information

At Larnaka International Airport a"Taxi Office" is available on a 24-hour basis located on the right as you exit the terminal building.

Please find below approximate prices for transfers to the island’s main cities:

From To day- time charge
(approximate in Euros)
day- time charge
(approximate in Euros
Larnaka International Airport Larnaka € 7.00 - € 10.00 € 12.00 - € 15.00
Larnaka International Airport Nicosia € 45.00 - € 50.00 € 50.00 - € 55.00
Larnaka International Airport Limassol € 50.00 - € 55.00 € 60.00 - € 65.00
Larnaka International Airport Pafos € 100.00 - € 105.00 € 110.00 - € 120.00
Larnaka International Airport Ayia Napa € 45.00 - € 50.00 € 50.00 - € 55.00
Larnaka International Airport Protaras € 55.00 - € 57.00 € 60.00 - € 65.00

All Taxis are required to use a meter for airport transfers.

For additional information or assistance you may contact the "Taxi Office" at Larnaka International Airport at the following numbers:

Central Line for Taxi Office: +357 24 656 195

Mobile Number: +357 99 654 886


Private Transfers

For private service for taxi and minibus rental all over Cyprus link to Kapnos VIP Services . This service is suitable for executives requiring a private car and driver for the day.

For private transfers from and to the Larnaka International Airport to any destination in Cyprus click S.A. Coaches.

Parking Information

Larnaka International Airport offers 1000 parking spaces for the public which have been allocated for short term and long term parking. Free parking is available for 20 minutes in all public parking areas.

Airport Fees (EUR)

Duration Price
0 - 20 minutes  Free
21 - 30 minutes  €2.00 
31 - 60 minutes  €3.50 
1 - 2 hours €4.50 
2 - 4 hours €6.00 
4 - 12 hours €9.00 
12 - 24 hours €12.00 
per day up to 5 days €12.00 per day 
per day up to 5 days €6.00 per day
Lost Ticket Charge: €50
Vehicle Release Charge: €85

How to pay 

When you approach the entrance of the barrier simply take the ticket from the machine at which time the barrier will open. Before leaving the car park you will use the ticket to pay at the pay machines located near the front of the terminal. This ticket will then need to be inserted at the exit barrier.

Persons with reduced mobility

Special parking spaces have been allocated for the facilitation of people with reduced mobility located in the front line in P1 next to the parking office. The first 120 minutes are free of charge. After this time, drivers will be charged the standard parking rate. To obtain 120 minutes free parking, drivers should go to the Parking office at the front of the Terminal prior to leaving the Airport and show their Disability Badge to get their car park ticket validated.

A special drop off area is available immediately at the front of the terminal and it is used for rapid drop off of passengers. For this reason drivers can only use the area for 5 minutes. Anyone who exceeds this time or leaves their vehicle unattended in this area will have their vehicle towed.

Drop off area

A drop off area is situated at the front of the terminal and it is used for rapid drop off passengers. For this reason drivers can only use this area for 5 minutes. Anyone who exceeds this time or leaves their vehicle unattended will have their vehicle towed.

The tow fee is 85 EUROS with an additional fee of 10 EUROS for each day the car is left in the impound lot.

Larnaka Airport parking

Hermes Airports is now offering convenient parking within the airport starting at 4 EURO per day. The area is under the management of Hermes Airports and only a few meters away from the Main Entrance. Most importantly, you hold onto your keys.  Click here for further information and for the Parking Calculator.

Plan your trip now and… take your mind off your car.

For more information please contact at (357) 24 008136.

Immigration Information

90 days stay for passport holders for non - European nationals.
5 days maximum stay for people transiting to a third country holding valid documentation

Non EU visitors must hold:
  1. valid VISA or otherwise please contact your tour operator/airline
  2. onward/return ticket
  3. entry documents required for their next destination and sufficient funds for maintenance during their stay in Cyprus
  4. hotel reservation

No vaccinations required to enter Cyprus
Allowed medication for personal use

Airport Taxes:

No airport taxes levied on passengers upon embarkation at the airport


Natural fruits and flowers.

All types of meat products originated in non-EU countries, all milk products with the exception of powdered infant milk and infant food provided this does not require refrigeration before consumption and - is a packaged product - the packaging is unbroken



Customs Allowance
Customs Import:

Free import to passengers arriving with goods purchased within the EU which are for personal use.

Tobacco products - 800 cigarettes, 400 cigarillos, 200 cigars, 1 kg smoking tobacco
Alcohol - 10 lts of spirits over 22%, 20 lts with less than 22%, 90 lts of wine (sparkling wine only 60 lts) 110 lts of beer

Non-european countries:

200 cigarettes
100 cigarillos
50 cigars or 250 g of smoking tobacco
1 ltr of spirits over 22% volume
2 lts wine
16 lts beer


IF ARRIVING FROM OR TRAVELLING TO A COUNTRY WITHIN THE EU amounts exceeding EUR12,500 or more or the equivalent in other currency MUST be declared.



Cats and dogs arriving from EU countries

A treatment against echinococcus and ectoparasites carried out no less than 24 hours and not more than 48 hours before shipment is required.

The animal must be accompanied by a certificate issued by an official veterinarian authorized by the country of origin stating that the animal was examined not more than 72 hours before shipment and that they have remained for the past 6 months or since birth in the exporting country or premises where no cases of rabies was reported during the past 2 years. The animals will be kept in quarantine for six months at passenger's expense.


The owners of the pets must communicate to the veterinary services their arrival information namely: air carrier, flight number and the date/time of their arrival in Cyprus. The above information must be communicated to the veterinary services 48-72 hours prior arriving in Cyprus either by fax to: 00-357-22-805176 or via e-mail to further information can be found on