10 + 3 Reasons why we Love Lefkara

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One of the most beautiful villages in the Europe

Lefkara is a village with a rich historical inheritance that can be traced back to Neolithic times and is there for visitors to discover as they wander through its winding streets and narrow alleyways. Lefkara village is considered to be amongst the most beautiful villages in the Europe.
My Guide Cyprus shares it’s adoration for Lefkara village and gives you 10 + 3 reasons why we love Lefkara.



Lefkara is home to the island’s traditional embroidery, the famous Cyprus lace called ‘Lefkaritiko’, included on the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List. According to experts it could be considered amongst the best artworks of the world. ‘Lefkaritiko’ has been made in Lefkara since the Middle Ages. The women in the village were taught how to stitch beautiful lace embroideries by the Venetian women during the years of Venetian rule (1489-1571). It is said that when Leonardo da Vinci visited Lefkara, he was so impressed by the intricacy of the embroidery that he took a magnificent altar cloth back to Milan Cathedral and even to this day, the villagers regularly present the Cathedral with an altar cloth in memory of this.

Narrow cobbled streets

Wander around the beautiful narrow cobbled streets. Admire the astonishing local architecture, talk to the locals, watch the ladies finishing their embroideries in the middle of the street catching up on the news of the day, gaze at the local shops selling Lefkara lace, filigree silver works, souvenirs and local produce.


In Lefkara houses are built only with local white stone. The traditional beautiful wooden doorways are tall and impressive. Inside the doors someone can get a glimpse of the flower filled inner yards. In the many two-floored houses you will be astonished by the remarkable coloured balconies hanging on the small streets.


Filigree Silver work

Besides the well-known local embroidering, Lefkara is renowned for the silversmith craftsmanship that is dated since the 18th century. Today the workshops still make and restore icons and craft silver jewellery, dishes, incense holders and sets of dessert spoons.

Church of the Holy Cross ‘Timios Stavros Church’

The magnificent church dedicated to the Holy Cross dating back to the 14th century, is located in the heart of Pano Lefkara. It is said that this location was chosen by Saint Eleni and inside the church a fragment of the Holy Cross is kept. This church has a particularly beautiful 18th century wood-carved iconostasis. 


Ladies making embroideries in the streets

There is nothing like watching local ladies making fine embroidery in the traditional way.

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Traditional taverns

Lefkara is popular for the local taverns serving a variety of delicious local dishes and especially the famous ‘Lefkaritiko tava’ (baked lamb and potatoes).

Lefkara blooming almond trees

The first orchids bloom end of January and by end February the almond trees are in full bloom decorating the land with their dazzling pink and white flowers signaling the beginning of spring.


Church of Archangelos

Another beautiful church that is worth visiting whilst you are in the vicinity, is the Church of Archangelos that stands in a field close to the smaller village of Kato (Lower) Lefkara. Kato Lefkara is much smaller than its big sister but is nevertheless still worth exploring as it too has a wealth of traditional architectural styles to enjoy.

Ktima Sophokleous Oliva Terra, Organic olive farm

Conveniently situated just 1km from the centre of the Lefkara, along the road leading to renowned Machairas Monastery, is Ktima Sofokleous which was created by the Sofokleous family in 2001. Visitors to the farm are able to stroll through the olive tree groves admiring the beautiful trees and gaining an insight into Cyprus’s ‘liquid gold’, join in a fun olive oil and olives tasting session as well as purchase olive products directly from the producer.


Nature Trails

Lefkara has lovely nature trails. After you wonder around the central hub of the village follow the nature trails and admire the panoramic views and scenic scenery.   


Blending with the natural surroundings of the vineyards and rolling hills of Lefkara you can find modern wineries to visit

Getting Married in Lefkara

With its unique traditional architecture and its picturesque surroundings, Lefkara is a great place to hold your special wedding event.

Lefkara is recognised as one of the most beautiful and picturesque village in Cyprus where tradition travels you back in time.  At the same time, recent developments have provided a hip and alternative edge blending history and tradition and innovation. Lefkara is a place you will not stop using your camera and you will surely take some great shots.
Many cultural events take place in the small village of Lefkara all year round. The most important event is the “Annual Festival of Lefkara” which is organised every year in August. Famous Cypriot artists perform, offering unforgettable evenings to visitors and traditional customs of the local area come alive through folklore dances, songs and plays. Check out My Guide Cyprus Events in due course for details and dates.

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