Pafos International Airport

Pafos International Airport - Flashback

The first Pafos Airport began its operations on 1st November 1983, with the preliminary aim of easing the tourism development network to the island.  In March 1984 Pafos Airport saw its first flight which was a Cyprus Airways aircraft that was destined for Athens.  The first installations were particularly small with limited possibilities as the airport was only equipped to serve 4 jets.  Passenger space could only cater for 200 passengers, while the airport only had one baggage conveyer belt in arrivals.

In 1990 Pafos airport was divided into two separate buildings, one for arrivals and one for departures.  On May 12 2006, Hermes Airports Ltd took over management of the country's two airports for 25 years. At the same time, Hermes Airports in cooperation with international companies has taken on an ambitious project for Cyprus which is to create two new modern airports, one in Larnaka and one in Pafos. The construction of the new Pafos International Airport was completed in November 2008, while the new Larnaka International Airport was completed in November 2009.

The New Pafos International Airport

Aside from operation and service, the new Pafos Airport also scores highly in overall image and the lasting impression it leaves on the travellers who pass through its doors. The new building is almost double the size of the old one (spread over an 18,500 square metres) and boasts all the amenities of a modern airport.  With 28 check-in counters, 3 baggage claim conveyor belts, 4 security points, 800 parking spaces, a VIP lounge, specially designed rooms for business people, restaurants, cafeterias, duty-free shops and even a play area, it is capable of catering to almost 3 million travellers per year.

A contemporary ultra modern building, with strong architectural lines and an elegant design, which borrows elements from Cypriot art and architecture. The bases of the columns both inside and outside were decorated with rocks from the sea, a reference to the island’s culture, while homage was paid to  the Cypriot landscape in the form of various plants that were used to adorn the interior and exterior of the airport.

The Pafos airport was the last stop on the worldwide trip of the Olympic Flame, before it reached its final destination, Athens, in the 2004 Olympics.

The decorative concept was named ‘Sense of Place’, and was undertaken by  a committee of both Cypriot and foreign artists and scientists, who paid special attention to what works of art would be exhibited throughout the airport.  Their carefully-chosen selections blend harmoniously with the elegant design, and showcase elements of Cypriot civilisation and tradition. Thus the design team has created an airport where travellers pass through and take with them unique images of the rich culture and the natural beauty of Cyprus.

Useful Airport Information

Hermes Airports Flight Information Call Centre  -  77 77 88 33

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Pafos International Airport Parking Fees



prices include VAT

0 - 20 minutes


21 - 30 minutes

€ 1.50

31 - 60 minutes

€ 2.00

1 hour - 1 hour and 30 minutes

€ 3.50

1 hour and 30 minutes - 2 hours

€ 4.00

2 - 3 hours

€ 4.50

3 - 4 hours

€ 6.00

4 - 6 hours

€ 6.50

6 - 12 hours

€ 8.00

12 - 24 first hours

€ 10.00

After the first 24 hours, daily for up to 5 days

€ 7.00 / per day

Daily after the 5th day

€ 5.00 / per day

Lost Ticket Charge

€ 50.00

Vehicle Release Charge:

€ 85.00


Important: No responsibility is accepted for any accident, loss, theft or damage to vehicles including the accessories or contents or any injury or death to persons, however caused.  Vehicles are parked at the owner's risk.

All photos sourced by Hermes Airports Ltd media centre.