Welcome back February! | Week 20


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1. This week the world was lucky enough to witness a true spectacle, the Super Blue Blood Moon. Cyprus had front fow seats as always!
This ultra-rare phenomenon occurs when a blue moon and a supermoon coincide with the blood moon of a lunar eclipse. A blue moon is the name for the second full moon in a calendar month. It is relatively rare, hence the expression "once in a blue moon".The last one before now was in May 2016!
   |   Thank you @raf_neo 

Location: Cyprus
Once night-mode enters in Cyprus, we have a plethora of places  to head out to for some drinking and dancing!
2. What we love the most about Molos in Limassol, is its endless palm trees and there's always something happening around. Just sit, chill and enjoy the world go by!   |  Thank you @__landlovers__

Location: Molos, Limassol
Don't forget that the Limassol carnival is just a few weeks away, make sure you know where to go for lunch & dinner. To help you decide, here's a list of places to eat!

3. 'Day well spent'.   |   Thank you @nick_athinis

Location: Kampia village
Did you know that our website features so many 'Things-to-do' in Cyprus that you can plan a whole year of weekend shenanigans! 

4. The best way to enjoy Winter in Cyprus is to sit at a seaside cafe, open a book and just hear the waves come and forth!   |   Thank you @rainz.06

Location: Paphos
If you're not a book type of person, then you can enjoy our articles specially made for you.

5. We hope you managed to spend a weekend in skiing. With February here and March just round the corner, it will be all gone soon!   |   Thank you @andria_pap

Location: Troodos
If you're heading to Troodos this weekend, then make sure you plan your schedule using our new 'Lists' feature. It is so easy to use and you can share with friends and family your weekend plans once you're finished!

6. Did you know that Omodos village is built around the Monastery of the Holy Cross which is said to date back to the arrival of Saint Helena in Cyprus (A.D.337). The Monastery is also home to a piece of the Holy Rope which was used to tie Jesus Christ to the Cross
!    |   Thank you @theonlygypsysoul

Location: Omodos village

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