It's the Christmas Eve Eve Special Top 5+1 images of the week | Week 14


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1. Diets take a break when its Christmas in Cyprus as every household has an abundance of homemade treats for guests, especially Melomakarona aka 'Honey Cookies'   |  Thank you @michalisioannou_

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2. We love seeing the whole island get into the Christmas mood!   |  Thank you @evie_ec

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3. Even though Cyprus has temperatures of around 20°C during Christmas, you still feel Christmassy here!   |   Thank you @andria_i

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4. During the Christmas period, the island's top venues host some magnificent events for all. Beautifully decorated to resemble mini Xmas wonderlands, places like Patio Cocktail Bar make Christmas very special!    | Thank you @theislanderstories

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5. We love getting tagged in images of Christmas trees from around the island. Did you that the location of the first recorded evergreen tree being used in a new year (Christmas) celebration was in the Town Hall Square in Riga, Latvia.!   |  Thank you @travelgram_dc

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6. This year's most photographed Xmas decoration is the gigantic red Xmas ball located at Phinikoudes pier by the Larnaca castle ... even Reuters  is a fan!    |   Thank you @linda_kyriacou

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