It's finally time for the TOP 5+1 images of the week! | Week 12


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1. You can spend a lovely afternoon discovering Nicosia's charming traditional architecture. Andreas Constantinou explains how 'the softness of the stone made it easy for local stonemasons to create beautiful and architectural ornaments usually of neoclassical form.'  |  Thank you @theislanderstories

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2. When the summer fades away and winter is in full swing, the island's beaches are sanctuaries for everyone to sit and think of 2018!  |  Thank you @motherofallstyle

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3. The perfect point of no return! Even when the waves are angry, this island is still something else! | Thank you @_josh_nw

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4. This island's sunsets are sometimes magical and can make you stop what you're doing and just stare at the sun!   | Thank you @g.minas

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5. With Summer over, Winter is all about road trips and discovering this stunning island! | Thank you @kalianiotis.vasilis

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6. It's the most wonderful time of the year ... it truly is! | Thank you @evie_ec

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