Go green with your blue KeepCup from Caffe Nero

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Did you get your blue KeepCup yet?

You can now find nationwide at all Caffè Nero, the new blue KeepCups which are ready to be reused again and again for you to enjoy your favourite coffee when and wherever you like!

The blue KeepCups are available in two cup sizes; middle and large. Select your prefered size and enjoy your much loved Caffè Nero coffee on the go; at school, at university or at the beach...

Go green with your blue KeepCup from Caffe Nero. KeepCup purchase is awarded double points on Caffè Nero loyalty card. Furthermore, coffee orders in the blue KeepCups have 10% discount.

It is beautiful, elegant, ecological and trendy. 

Did you get your one yet?