Enjoying Sports to the Extreme in Cyprus

Adventure Sports

For a rush of adrenalin during your holiday in Cyprus!

Holidays in Cyprus are the perfect opportunity for many to seize the opportunity to try a really exhilarating new sport - one of the increasingly popular extreme sports that really get the adrenalin rushing!

For many years, Cyprus has offered visitors a great selection of traditionally popular sports including golf, sea and freshwater fishing, pony trekking and a great range of water sports. In recent years, an increasing number of new sports have been successfully established in Cyprus – extreme sports. Cyprus has a great climate which is ideal for many of the new adrenalin-pumping sports with kite surfing being the fastest growing sport of all - especially since the announcement that it will be one of the new sports included in the Olympics in Rio in 2016. The first kite surfing club was established in Kiti, west of Larnaca, and a second enthusiastic club followed shortly afterwards at Kourion Beach in Limassol.

This new generation of sports are thrilling for spectators as well as participants and the chance to have a go at something completely different and new during their holiday appeals to many. Amongst the extreme sports available in Cyprus are many that are water based and these include wakeboarding, kite boarding, skim boarding and wind surfing which can all be enjoyed for most of the year through because sea temperatures rarely drop below 18C and many of the beaches used have good strong onshore breezes.

The island's varied landscape is appealing to mountain bikers, mountain boarders, rock climbers and paragliders, but most enthusiasts arrange their holiday avoiding the hottest weeks in the summer. Quad biking is another fun sport that is proving extremely popular because there are deserted forest trails to enjoy or great routes along the beach and of course there is dune buggy riding to be enjoyed too! There are paintballing options available in most parts of the island  where participants can join in as individuals or with friends. As with all sports, safety is of prime importance and experienced staff are on hand to instruct all participants in all aspects of the sport.

So fancy a rush of adrenalin during your holiday in Cyprus?