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Cyprus is a leading and stable independent nation and a full member of the European Union, it has up-to-date laws ensuring proper preservation of confidential relationships in financial services coupled with a highly skilled workforce. The low tax business environment and protection of confidentiality and assets makes Cyprus company incorporation an ideal solution.

Being a low tax jurisdiction, Cyprus is a popular location for the formation of companies due to the favourable taxation status while at the same time offering the full benefits of European Union membership.

FastCo offers opening of corporate bank accounts in Cyprus. No minimum deposit is required and there is no need to be present for the account opening. There is a low account opening fee and on-line banking is included in the account opening fee. All fees are disclosed up-front. This is a highly attractive, flexible and tax effective company and bank account package offering 100% foreign ownership and potential asset protection benefits, full access to account funds while at the same time offering one of the lowest tax rates in the European Union (currently at 12.5%).

Apart from Cyprus tax advantages, the benefits of Cyprus company formation include: Simple incorporation process privacy, confidentiality and protection of assets and information as well as an extensive double tax treaty network.
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FastCo team is comprised of professionals who are fully qualified in their field with many years of expertise in subjects ranging from company incorporation to provision of fiduciary services and administration of companies, trusts and other legal entities engaged in international business in Cyprus. 
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Combining local knowledge with international experience, the extensively qualified team offers a wide range of high quality services in the fields of company formation in Cyprus and fiduciary services for companies registered in Cyprus. FastCo is committed to providing the clients and partners with practical advice and innovative solutions for their needs and advise you on matters such as bank account requirements in Cyprus, authorised share capital, number of issued shares, value of shares, currency, directors and Memorandum and Articles of Association for companies incorporated in Cyprus and any of the other jurisdictions we cover.