Best Tapas Bars Restaurants in Lefkosia (Nicosia)

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Cyprus team

Enjoy Spanish Tapas Bars with your friends.  Combine cold and warm sophisticated snacks with good wine or delicious cocktails and nice music.

Small plates of food are not just fashionable, they are part of the Spanish tradition and are served all day long in Spain. Tapas are small plates of tempting snacks that range from bowls of juicy Spanish olives and cocktail onions to clay pots filled with traditional oven baked recipes. It is said that the tradition of Tapas began when King Alfonso was travelling through sherry producing town of Jerez. He stopped to enjoy some sherry and as it was a windy night the inn keeper covered the goblet with a slice of local ham to prevent dust getting into the drink, the King so enjoyed the combination of ham and sherry that he ordered the same again and Tapas (meaning 'cover') was born.