Karagiozis goes to a concert

Sun Dec 18th 2016 at 11:00
Cyprus, Pallas Theatre, Regenis and Arsinoes corner, Nicosia

Event Details

An exciting performance, both instructive and amuzing for children and grown-ups alike. Nionios (Mr. Dionysios), an ardent music lover, tries to convince Karagiozis to attend a classical music concert, organized by Vizier’s daughter. Karagiozis refuses to do so until Veligegas orders that everyone should attend the concert: Karagiozis, Barbayiorgos, Stavrakas, Hadjiavatis and all the other Shadow Theatre characters. During the concert, Karagiozis has many questions (about the instruments, the music, the composer and other things). Nionios patiently explains everything in simple terms, wishing to initiate him into the world of classical music. Gradually, Karagiozis completely changes his view about this music, which he previously thought to be difficult and heavy! Now he loves it!
Idea, story design, selection and orchestration of music works: Alkis Baltas
Live music by CySO musicians
Shadow Theatre with “Karagiozis” Puppeteer Thodoris Kostidakis

Nicosia: Sunday 18 December 2016 

Pallas Theatre, Paphos Gate, 11:00 and 12:30
Ticket prices:
€5, €3 (children under 12)
Ticket presales:
Pallas Theatre (Regenis and Arsinoes corner, Nicosia 1010, Tel. 22 410 181)

  • Online at the CySO Foundation website: www.cyso.org.cy
  • At the Theatre box office every Wednesday, 16:00-19:00 and on the concert day, 9:00-12:30
Information: 22 463 144, www.cyso.org.cy

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