Cypria Epic Circle, To Aphrodite caring for Cyprus


Fri May 13th 2016 to Sat May 14th 2016
Cyprus, Aigaia School of Art and Design, Agion Omologiton Avenue 81

Event Details

On FRIDAY & SATURDAY 13 & 14 May 2016, at 8 pm, on the Theatre AIGAIA, Agion Omologiton Avenue 81, Nicosia, we will present the Theatrical reading ΚΥ? ΡΙΑ Ε? Η , Ες Αφροδίτην Κύπρου μεδέουσαν "(Cypria Epic Circle, To Aphrodite caring for Cyprus)" recited by the epic way, the dactylic hexameter. Duration 90 min FREE ENTRANCE. For bookings call 22445757 Friendly participation of the actors: George Livanos- Rapsod -Anchises, Anna Spyridaki Rapsod- Venus, N. Ritsou- Rapsod and Joanna Tsouta (Historian-Archaeologist) as rapsod Songs: by the countertenor Stamatis (Mattias) Pavlous (friendly participation) Texts selection, translation, theatrical direction by Constantina Ritsou (friendly offer) Production care: Skini Elikonos, non-profit cultural company (friendly offer) The project is a tribute to Ancient Cyprus Literature, a presentation of the Epic Circle called KYPRIA in combination with Homeric Hymns to Aphrodite of the same time and era.. We know that this work is more addressed to specialists (scholars, philologists, historians, archaeologists, students, pupils etc.) But we believe that the result will generally delight anyone who loves ancient literature. It is actually an archaeological reconstruction experiment that succeeded. We concluded that it is possible to read the hexameter even for a contemporary actor-rapsod, knowing the subject, by using all its rules (long and short syllables, with sections and divisions, etc.), even escorting it by a guitar, a lyre or a drum or without any instrument, recited with melody and with the imposing way of antiquity. We believe that our experiment was successful enough and that the audience, even if they are not familiar with the subject, they will fully understand our experiment and will enjoy it. But we do not claim that we can know all the secrets of ancient recitation with absolute accuracy. But to get close enough, this we can. And to make our audience enjoy with the rapsodies and hymns as the ancients did.

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