WiFi access in Cyprus

Over the past few years, the internet has become increasingly popular in Cyprus and there are some good internet service providers – offering some really good deals. Unfortunately, there are still several locations that do not have good coverage.

The internet is much used by Cypriot companies and home users alike and the variety of packages available depending on customer needs. Most of the packages available offer the use of broadband and a telephone, television – or both. There are several broadband speeds to choose from ranging between 2Mbps - 24Mbps, and it is expected that even higher speeds will be available this autumn. The most popular broadband is ADSL but cable, 3G and satellite are also available in most areas now. 4G network is also now available. There is healthy competition amongst providers which keeps prices competitive and service levels high.

The Internet can be assessed in coffee shops, restaurants, bars and most hotels and the majority of these offer high speed broadband and payment is made for the length of time required by customers to surf the net. WiFi internet is becoming widely available in many of these places too and its use is free of charge to customers and gives fast and easy access to the www and emails. Cyprus is an important meeting place for international business travellers and annually hosts hundreds of conferences, seminars and exhibitions where good internet access is vital.