Rum Tree Bar

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Cyprus finest Rum bar

A completely new type of bar, specialising in rum is definitely becoming popular worldwide and the Rum Tree Bar in Larnaca is the very first in Cyprus and gathering a great reputation across the island.

Situated close to the start of the Phinikoudes Promenade in Larnaca, fringed by palm trees and overlooking the sea, Rum Tree Bar looks welcoming and relaxing. It has a courtyard setting with wooden chairs and tables, leafy canopy and distinctive bar -styled like a rustic beach shack. On display behind the bar are rows of different bottles  of rum and the drink menu has over 60 rums of all kinds to choose from and 5 out of 20 cocktails are rum-based (the others being three made with gin, one with whisky and the other vodka based). The Rum Tree Bar’s knowledgeable staff can advise on the different white, golden and dark rums as well as the various cocktails available.

Rum Tree Bar is a great place to relax with friends or loved ones for the evening, in the warm, friendly ambience under a canopy of stars. On quite a few evenings there is great live music to enjoy too, with jazz and swing being the favourite genres.

For all rum lovers this is definitely the place to be...

Rum is the oldest branded spirit and was first produced in India and China from fermented sugar cane. The first proper distillation was in the Caribbean in the 1620s when molasses (a by product of sugar production) were refined and successfully made into rum. Over the years it has long been linked with pirates and sailors – who at one time were given a measure of rum each day to help combat scurvy.

It is said that the word ‘rum’ comes from the Latin word ‘saccharum’ meaning ‘sugar’. All most every country in the world makes rum of some kind and over the years, it has gained many nicknames including Newton’s Blood, Kill Devil, Pirates’ Drink and Barbados Water!

Today the Caribbean is the centre of the world’s rum production with nearly every island producing its own distinctive brand. In total they produce 80% of the world’s total amount. It is such a universally popular drink that August is Rum Month with 16 August being International Rum Day.

They say that there is a type of rum that suits everyone and there is certainly a diverse range of colours and tastes to try. Rum is produced either by fermenting sugar cane syrup or molasses – the latter being the most popular method used. The different types of rum are produced using different fermentation and distillation methods and periods. Whilst colourless rums are matured in stainless steel barrels, dark rums are matured in oak cases which helps develop their colour.

There are essentially two types of rum – light and heavy. Light rums are smoother in taste and texture and their taste is more subtle. These rums are produced by shorter fermentation period. In contrast, the dark rums are much richer and deeper in colour and their taste is heavy and syrupy and this is produced by fementing the liquid in oak barrels.

In recent years, rum and coke has proved a really popular drink and of course with the renaissance of cocktails, rum based ones are popular and include Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Coconut Daiquiris, Bob Marley (a Reggae rum punch) and Rum Sour – the oldest cocktail of them all - which is traditionally served in a beautiful conch shell.
Rum Tree Bar has a terrific range of single and blended rums that should be appreciated neat – in just the same way as a fine wine is. At Rum Tree Bar, rum is served at room temperature in grappa style glasses so that the rum is really at its best. At room temperature, the rum will have its most flavour and aroma and the specially shaped glasses ensure that drinkers enjoy both at their best.

When you are served your glass of beautiful rum, smell it lightly from a distance and enjoy its different notes of vanilla, honey, cocoa and others. Maybe you have ordered one of the variety of spiced rums, flavoured with cinnamon, rosemary, anise, pepper and caramel. If it is a dark rum, appreciate the beautiful colour of your rum, produced by the tannins in the oak barrel. Take a small sip and roll the smooth liquid around your mouth, enjoying its wonderful and tasteful notes and repeat the experience until your glass is dry and you will feel that you can now be classed a rum aficionado too.