Cyprus Visa Requirements

The Republic of Cyprus is not only one of the top holiday destinations in Europe, it is also a popular place for retirement (especially with north Europeans) and for study, as fees at Cypriot universities and collages are competitively priced. The Republic of Cyprus does offer some work opportunities.

For those wanting to holiday in Cyprus, a visa is not required by residents of 58 countries worldwide including EU countries, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. A visa is required for residents of 138 other countries including Africa, the Middle East, Far East and South America. Sometimes a transit visa is required for passengers travelling by aircraft via Cyprus

For those travelling to Cyprus on business, multiple entry visas are available but the total number of days spent in Cyprus must not exceed three months in every six. These visas are issued for one year.

There are five categories when applying for work visas. Importantly it is possible to work in Cyprus if offered full time employment as long as the selection of a non-Cypriot will not 'create undue local competition'. These job opportunities are mainly with the travel and healthcare industries.

* It is important to note that this information is applicable only to the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.

For a list of visitors requiring visas, current requirements and application procedures, please log onto

Other useful websites include: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus

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