The Envious Owl


Sun Oct 16th 2016
Cyprus, The Little Worry People Art and Drama Studio, 2 Orfeos Street

Event Details

A performance filled with wonder and imagination that deals with the multidimensional topic of ‘jealousy’. The play’s objective is to help children get rid of the negative feeling of jealousy. At the same time it reinforces their emotional world with principles and values such as love, giving and selflessness. This is the original story of an owl that goes for a walk in the forest because it cannot bear to share the love and attention of its parents, given to its little brother. This ‘walk’ will develop into a wonderful journey of self-awareness. …Of course this journey is paved with fun.

The owl will meet the most cool characters- a granny, a girl, a fox, a cat and a scientist. All together they will help the owl get rid of every negative feeling. It is worth noting that the children will come into direct contact with many musical instruments, all at the same time.

The actor Andrei Krupa uses his unique musical knowledge and creates on stage the incredible ‘invention’ of the human orchestra! With this inspiration the play provides a unique experience and opportunity for the children to come into direct contact and in close proximity with live musical instruments.

Actors: Andrei Krupa and Nicoletta Christoforou Director: Andrei Krupa Art work: Maria Christoforou
Editing: Maria Christoforou

Time: 11:00 am Duration: 1 hour
Language: Greek Limited number of seats.
Tickets to be booked in advance.
Cost: €5

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