Tue Jul 19th 2016 to Sat Jul 23rd 2016
Cyprus, Multiple Locations, See the text, Makarios III Amphitheatre (Amphitheater of School for Blind), 28th October Street, Acropoli, Nicosia

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A new theatre group “Ftochologia” presents the last comedy of Aristophanes that survived to us, a scathing critique on the human dream for wealth. Chremylus, swamped in debt, goes to Delphi to ask the oracle whether he should bring up his son as an honest man or as a rascal. On his way back he meets Plutus, who was blinded by Zeus so he would be unable to distinguish between the just and the unjust and would randomly distribute wealth. With the help of Chremylus and his slave Carion, Plutus’ sight is restored at the temple of Asklepios and he decides to bring back justice to society. While everybody is trying to benefit from this new situation, Poverty appears, in an effort to persuade them that wealth never brings happiness.

In Plutus (Wealth), Aristophanes comments on the diachronically timely social injustices and ridicules the unfair distribution of wealth, but also corruption.

Within the International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama 2016

▪ With English surtitles
Adaptation/Dramaturgy/Direction: Kostas Silvestros
Set/Costume Design: Marina Hadjilouca
Musicians on stage: Gav the band
Choreography: Eva Kalomiri
Lighting Design: Vasilis Petinaris
Assistant to the Director: Elena Georgiadou
Photographs: Michael Georgiades
Chremylus: Demetris Antoniou
Carion: Yiannis Minos
Poverty: Marina Vrondi
Plutus: Valentinos Kokkinos
Blepsidemus, Informer, Old Woman, Hermes: Vasilis Charalambous
Wife to Chremylus, Just Man, Young Man, Priest: Herodotos Miltiadous
Chorus: Georgina Tatsi
▪ Tuesday, 19 July│Makarios III Amphitheatre, Nicosia
▪ Friday, 22 July│Paphos Ancient Odeon
▪ Saturday, 23 July│Curium Ancient Theatre
Tickets sales at:
▪ SOEASY Kiosks in all cities,
▪ Musical Paradise shops,
▪ TIME OUT Kiosk in Paphos,
▪ In N Out Kiosk in Paralimni
and online at
Tickets prices:
€10 │ €5 (Students, Senior Citizens, National Guard, Citizens with unemployment benefits)
Free admission to persons with disabilities. Please show proof at ticket gate.
7000 2414 │

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