Pipe Organ Recital in Larnaca with Daniele Dori from the Cathedral of Florence

Sat Oct 8th 2016 at 19:30
Cyprus, Church of Our Lady of Graces, Terra Santa str., Larnaca, Larnaca

Event Details

Laranca, Church of Our Lady of the Graces
Saturday, October 8 at 7.30 p.m. – Admission free
Daniele Dori (Italy), pipe organ

For the second consecutive year, the Terra Sancta Organ Festival, the pipe organ festival in the Middle East and the Levant, comes to the island of Cyprus. Saturday, October 8 at 19:30 in the Church of Our Lady of Graces in Larnaca (Terra Santa street), the organist of the Cathedral of Florence Daniele Dori will perform a recital with a program of Italian music for organ from 1600 to the present day. This concert is organized in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Nicosia. Admission is free.
The pipe organ installed in the Church of St. Mary of Graces in Larnaca is probably the only existing pipe organ on the island. Built in Jerusalem in 1989 by the Franciscan organ builder Delfin Taboada, the restoration was made possible thanks to the work of the world famous Italian organ builder Saverio Anselmi Tamburini of Crema (Italy) and to the contribution of the Embassy of Italy in Nicosia.
The concert is organized by the Custody of the Holy Land. In Cyprus, the Custody of the Holy Land (Latin Catholic Church of Cyprus) has been active for eight centuries. Today, the Franciscan friars are based in Nicosia (Holy Cross), in Larnaca (Our Lady of Graces) and in Limassol (St. Catherine): in these locations they run their charitable, pastoral and educational activities (Terra Santa College).
The concert is part of the musical program of the Terra Sancta Organ Festival (please visit www.tsorganfestival.org). Besides Cyprus, the other locations of the festival are: Greece (Rhodes), Jordan, Israel, East Jerusalem, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria, in other words the places where the Custody of the Holy Land is present with its Franciscan friars. The Terra Sancta Organ Festival wants to give to everyone a chance to listen to the sound of the organ, that otherwise would be heard only during the liturgical celebrations at some churches.

info: organfestival@custodia.org - www.tsorganfestival.org

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