Penelope by Skala Theatre


Sat Feb 13th 2016 to Sun Feb 14th 2016
Cyprus, Theatro Skala, 15 Kyriakou Matsi Str.

Event Details

The new production of Skala Theatre is coming in a few days, entitled "PENELOPE", a tragicomedy play written by Irish playwright Enda Walsh. The play concerns the attempts of four men seeking to win over Penelope in the absence of her warrior husband, Odysseus, who has been away for the previous twenty years fighting the Trojan wars. Directed: Kleitos Klitou Translation: Despina Pyrketti Sets / Costumes: Lakis Genethlis Music / Orchestration / Sound Design: Christos Andreou Kinesiology: Liza Tsaggaridou / Lara Tembrioti Lighting Design: Miroslav Zntrafkof Cast: Konstantinos Alcibiades (Amphinomus), Giannis Kokkinos (Eurymachus), Sophocles Kaskaounias (Antinous), Andreas Melekis (Agelaos) and Monica Meleki (Penelope). Information by phone: 24 652 800/1 and 99 490 102.

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