Miss and Mr Grand Sea Universe

Thu Jun 2nd 2016
Cyprus, 7 Seas Columbia Plaza, 223 Saint Andrewas str, Limassol

Event Details

Miss & Mr. Grand Sea Universe is an annual international beauty contest licensed, created and organised by the company MMSEA BG  Ltd. Miss & Mr. Grand Sea Universe is amongst the largest beauty pageants in the world. The competition was founded in 1994 by a former top model of Colombia as the original name of the contest Miss and Mr. Pacific Universe. In 1998, Miss and Mr. Pacific Universe, changed its name to Miss and Mister Sea Universe and moved its headquarters from Colombia to Peru.

At the end of 2012 a Bulgarian delegation headed by Mr. Chavdar Arsov had an unexpected breakthrough in the contest stealing several first places. After this our delegation filed an application to host the competition. In early 2013 a delegation again led by Mr. Chavdar Arsov won titles in the "Miss and Mister" competition. Bulgarian representatives - Mina Popova and Teodor Todorov caused an upset by winning the crown of ‘Miss’ and ‘Mister’ respectively from the Brazilian delegation.

2016 leads us to the magical island of Cyprus. Where a rich cultural and historical heritage meets with a modern spirit. Blue lagunes, modern architecture, under water caverns, historical palaces, colourful carnevals - Cyprus is a true treasure chest. And in 2016 Miss & Mr. Grand Sea Universe adds its most valuable precious the international contestants of Miss & Mr. Grand Sea Universe!

Cyprus is looking forward to welcome Miss & Mr. Grand Sea Universe 30 May to 04 June 2016!

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