Ayia Napa Street Art Festival


Tue Mar 1st 2016 to Thu Mar 10th 2016
25 Ayias Mavris, P.O.Box 30026, Cyprus, Ayia-Napa
Ayia Napa Municipality

Event Details

For the second time, Ayia Napa Street Art Festival takes over the city. People who choose the streets as their gallery often prefer to communicate directly with the public at large, free from the perceived confines of the formal art world. We urge urban dwellers to transform public places into more intimate, creative and personal spaces through art, to implement their idea for given buildings. The artists have complete freedom of expression. The only request is to decorate the walls of the city with artwork emitting positive emotions. Following strong support from our young and dynamic Mayor of Ayia Napa, Yiannis Karousos, Paparazzi Art Studio spent the past few years fostering an event which has gradually grown into an international festival. After a very successful inaugural event, the city - where street art was something new - now stands as an open-air gallery with art pieces from all over the world. Ayia Napa can take pride in being able to show its visitors the collection of amazing murals by artists like AEC Interesni Kazki from Ukraine, Jens Besser from Germany, L7M from Brasil, Bisser from Belgium and many others. The trend continues this year; artists who will collaborate at the Ayia Napa Street Art Festival are not all from or based in Cyprus, but also from Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland and Greece. We are happy to introduce such names as Tasso, ETNIK, SER, Simoni Fontana, Sainer, Dome, DANK (Daniel Kitchener) and Paparazzi. At the same time, we will offer local talents the opportunity to participate. The organizers of Ayia Napa Street Art Festival aim to show the variety of street art styles and techniques, along with different approaches to art and its relationship with the environment by choosing artists that will perform. Ayia Napa’s public spaces will be flooded with surrealist stories, pop - surrealist characters, graphics and incredible photorealism. Street art and its forms have more and more impact on the daily lives of local people and guests to the city who are surrounded by this art. We are very grateful to the residents who sincerely and enthusiastically adopted the idea of the Street Art Festival in Ayia Napa. It has become one of the many ways we experience the city that we live in and one of the biggest cultural events its kind on the island.

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