Alice in Wonderland - Limassol


Sun Mar 20th 2016
Cyprus, Technohoros ETHAL, 76 Franklin Roosevelt Avenue

Event Details

The Educational Programme of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation “The Musical Clef”, presents Family Concerts ALICE IN WONDERLAND with projected images and narration in Greek! “Allegro Vivace” instrumental ensemble. Limassol: Sunday 20 March 2016, Technohoros ETHAL, 11:00 Following the great success of the concert series “Peter and the Wolf and the Magic Remote-Control”, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation, within the framework of the Educational Programme “The Musical Clef”, presents the musical tale “Alice in Wonderland”, with the “Allegro Vivace” instrumental ensemble. “Alice in Wonderland” is one of the most favourite fairy tales in the world for children and adults alike. It’s been 150 years, since the story of Alice first published, in July 1865. For 150 years, the adventures of Alice are travelling the world through at least 97 translations in different languages, having many TV and film adaptations and concurrently inspiring both the opera and the ballet. The story was written in the middle of the 19th c. by English author Lewis Carol and describes with subtle imagination and childlike spontaneity the adventures of a girl named Alice. After falling into a rabbit hole, Alice wanders into a fantasy world where she experiences many wondrous and often bizarre adventures! This masterpiece is a fascinating play of imagination, a dreamy fairytale. Alice defies the laws of gravity, she finds potions which make her become small and eats cakes which make her grow tall! She meets rabbits who talk like humans, smiling cats, playing-cards which parade in front of her with their King and Queen. She also meets a rude hatter, a griffon, a crying turtle and a caterpillar who gives advice! The “Allegro Vivace” instrumental ensemble will spread to the audience the Joy (Allegro) of Music, intensely and brightly (Vivace), giving 6 Sunday morning concerts, under the direction of Yiannis Hadjiloizou. The melodies taken from various Disney movies, as well as free adaptations of excerpts from works by renowned composers (Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, a.o.) will be accompanied by the vivid narration of the tale by the popular Cypriot actor Petros Georgadjis as well as clip projection. The musical tale will stimulate the creative imagination of children and grownups alike in the most exciting and tasteful manner, filling the theatre with fairy-tale musical images! Αn exciting musical performance for “children” from 6 to 96 years old!! Production concept and music supervision: Alkis Baltas Text adaptation: Stella Athineou Narrator: Petros Georgadjis Conductors: Alkis Baltas and Yiannis Hadjiloizou Ticket prices: €5, €3 (children under 12) Technohoros ETHAL (76 Franklin Roosevelt Avenue, 3840 Limassol, Tel. 25877827) -From the concert venue Mon-Fri 9:00-14:00 (from 1st March) and on the concert day 9:00-11:00

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